29 December 2020

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The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago on the eastern Pacific Ocean. They belong to Ecuador and they are located 600 miles away from the mainland. Galapagos consists of 13 main islands, 6 8smaller islands and some islets.  


The archipelago belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage since 1978.

Lava piles and shield volcanoes form the Islands, many of them are periodically active. Its landscape features high mountains, craters and cliffs.

The archipelago is renowned for its unusual wildlife. Its giant tortoises are thought to have some of the longest life spans of any creature on Earth. Most of the species are endemic to these islands.

The Galapagos is the perfect holiday destination with its picture-perfect beaches, landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

Discover finches, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, sea lions, sharks, flightless cormorants and even penguins on this incredible place.

Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz is one of the most populated and main islands of the archipelago. It is located just south of Baltra, where one of the airports can be found. It is a great place to start your adventure. Visit the fish market in Puerto Ayora, the Charles Darwin Research Centre, Tortuga Bay, and the Highlands and the Tortoise Reserve.


Santa Fe:

Santa Fe is one of the oldest islands of the island-group. It is relatively small, and famous for its cactuses and land iguana population.

San Cristobal:

San Cristobal is the fifth largest island and the easternmost island. It is famous for the fact that three species of booby bird can be found here along with the great frigatebird. Visit Ochoa beach, Tijeretas Hill for the birds or take a boat trip to Los Lobos Island.



The island is located on the south of the archipelago, it is relatively flat. It is great for diving, snorkelling and observing blue footed boobies and it has a big nesting site of twelve thousand pairs of waved albatrosses.


Floreana is a beautiful island on the South of the island-group. It is a great place to snorkel and see marine turtles. You ca also visit the giant tortoises and learn about the history of the Island.



Isabela is the largest island. It is famous for its Sierra Negra Volcano and its 9x10km Caldera that offers breathtaking views. Visit Elizabeth bay, the small lakes with their flamingos, or take a boat trip to Las Tintoreras or to Tortuga Islet.

The Climate & When to Travel

The Galapagos Islands are an all-year-around travel destination. Due to its location, near the Equator warm temperatures can be expected throughout the year.


There are two seasons only.


December to May:

The “warm” season. The air temperatures are higher, however it can be more humid and rain can occur too.  The water temperatures are warmer than at the other half of the year.


June to November:

The “cold” season. The air temperature stays warm, although slightly less than between December and May. The rainfall drops, and towards November the islands become quite dry. The currents will bring in colder water that will increase the marine life, but will also make the water a murkier. It is still a great time to snorkel.

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